Jane (under_a_rose) wrote in thequestionclub,

Cat help

I have 2 10 month old cats. One male, one female. They're litter mates, both have been fixed. They've never been separated apart from a few days in December after they were fixed and we had to leave them alone. They're indoor cats.
They've always been best buddies, cuddled up together, cleaning each other. But over the past few weeks they've been fighting. More than the play fighting they've always done. They hiss at eachother and yesterday I had to break up their fighting as the girl cat couldn't get away on her own.
Is this normal? Is there something I should be doing to help?

Also, in the next few weeks my husband and I are moving house. Then a few weeks later (hopefully not before) were having our first baby. Is there anything I can do for my fur babies to adjust to all the changes happening?

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