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Random pics you keep

I have an exchange running with a friend. We collect nice/weird/cool/beautiful/strange/funny pictures from the web for the other one and at the end of each month upload our finds for the other to see. I already saved images from the web before we started this and have quite a collection and find it always interesting to look back, sometimes I sort through and throw away what I really don't care about anymore. Now my question:

If you also sometimes save nice/weird/cool/beautiful/strange/funny (non-private) pictures from the web, would you share your last 3-5 finds with me here in the comments?
(Source is cool, but I totally understand if you don't have one)

These are my last finds (click for bigger version):

1. Phatpuppy
2. Tony Pinkevich
3. (not sure about the source/original artist)
4. Translation (by me, sorry, no native speaker): "One-time groupsex of employees in a pause from work is no valid reason for firing, the local labour court of munich decided. A vocational training unit of the catholic church of Ebersbach fired five employees for breach of morality." It's actually real. Source, in german, here.
5. Vincent Laforet

Do you sort stuff you save from the web neatly? Or is it a big mess?
Would you be interested in a bigger "random pics" exchange?
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