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1. If a movie was based on a book, do you usually read it before seeing the movie?
Usually I do, because I just feel lazy otherwise. And I like to already be a fan coming into the theater.

2. If you do read the books and then go see the movie, do you (subconsciously or not) look down on the people who see the movies and not read the books?
I try not to, because elitism is annoying, but every now and then (mostly during the Harry Potter movies, haha) I get annoyed with them because they are so lost and have to ask questions throughout the film instead of just watching. But then again in Xmen yesterday I was the one who hadn't read, so I was the one going, "huh?" and annoying comic book readers.

3. For those of you in school, are you totally zoned out already?
Yes. We haven't even taken our finals yet but already my mind is in summer mode.

4. How often do you change your LJ layout?
I haven't changed it in almost a year, but I change my myspace layout every few weeks.

5. How often do you edit your bio?
Sometimes when I'm bored I fiddle around with it and try to make it nice, but I don't have much to say that is important.
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