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EFL Tutoring

(EFL) teachers of TQC, where do you get your vocabulary flashcards? I was gifted this set from an acquaintance when I taught in South Korea. I like the assortment of words, but I left them behind for the next teacher to use, so I need a replacement. The only thing keeping me from ordering another set is that I don't like that the word is printed on both sides; ideally there'd be a picture on one side and the word on the other. Any recommendations?

There are some free printables online but I don't have a printer or laminator at home, so that's why I'd rather just buy them ready-made.

DK/DC/I don't have the secret teacher supplies hookup: I am doing a long-running project with my tutees: we start every lesson by writing and drawing a single page that's going to go in an "all about me" book towards the end of the year. I'm good on prompts for a short while, but I could always use more. So far they've done pages about:

*themselves (name, birthday, like and dislike)
*themselves (some body parts, face parts)
*their family
*a favorite Christmas present
*winter weather
*what they like and don't like about winter

And what I'm thinking of doing:

*Valentine's cards for their parents (in lieu of a book page)
*"My Easter egg is x, y, and z." (colors)
*favorite food, animal, class at school, etc.
*summer, fall, and spring weather
*what they like and don't like about summer, fall, and spring
*what they want to be when they grow up
*what they did on vacation

They are 7 and 9 years old and reasonably bright. What else do you think would be fun for them to write about/illustrate?
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