Brandoch Daha (ticktockman) wrote in thequestionclub,
Brandoch Daha

I think I threw away fifty-five bucks

Man, used to be shopping at the warehouse clubs meant not having enough room in my car for all the really cheap stuff I bought, and I stopped shopping when I ran out of room, not out of money. Nowadays, not so much.

I'd let my membership lapse for a couple of years. Now I'm back (Costco this time around, it had been Sam's Club before that, Costco before that, and if you go back far enough it was Price Club in Connecticut) and I'm all "Why did I spend money on a membership?"

I'm seeing quality goods at Aldi for the same price-per-unit as Costco and Sams, and I don't have to buy a 9 month supply of whatever. I'm seeing matching meat prices at GFS Marketplace (whoops! they're renaming back to Gordon Food Service). I don't need a cocktail-party's worth of hummus and crab-salad, or pre-made lobster bisque.

Do you shop at a warehouse club? What do you find there that's worth going in for?

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