weatherwitch (weatherwitch101) wrote in thequestionclub,

Frozen Food Advice please

Earlier today I discovered that my carer had switched the power off to the Freezer but Early Tuesday afternoon so not found until today, nearly 46 hours later. In the Freezer info booklet it says 24hr is OK with this model but if power off longer they recommend transfer to a working freezer. They said if ice crystals still visible then OK to refreeze.
Now my Freezer is full of precooked specialist pureed frozen meals. The normal sized meals had ice crystals on the top & a slightly soft bottom, I think these are OK.
The snackpots & desserts however felt very soft through the bottom & no ice crystals. All these are full of meat or dairy products.
I would really appreciate help & advice here please. I *think* the normal meals are OK but am not 100% on that. With the snack pots/desserts I'm really unsure. Are they safe to eat once refrozen?
Also the top drawer had soup portions in it, but that drawer & no other had water in it that today's carer had to empty. Again the soups have dairy in them. What are your thoughts on these? Ditch or safe to refreeze & use?
It's such a sod cos all my meals have to be specially ordered a week or more in advance on certain days, I can't just nip to the supermarket for immediate replacement :-(
Thank you in advance :-)

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