midwstrrnr (midwstrrnr) wrote in thequestionclub,

Any tips for getting a 2nd part-time job?

So I have a job I really like. I work with teenagers in an after school program. In the past couple months, though, everything has been slashed significantly in terms of hours and I'm making almost no money and I'm home all the time. My boyfriend has been supporting the 2 of us for six months and it's got to stop. So I've been looking for either a new job or a part-time job.

Before this, I worked in retail and I really want to go back to this type of work. I'm usually pretty good at the application. I almost always get an interview, and I almost always get a callback interview. I haven't been able to get another job yet. It always comes down to conflicts having to do with my current job: either the fact that I haven't worked in retail for 2 years or my schedule isn't completely free -- the latter is kinda ridiculous when you consider the fact that these are part-time positions. This has happened six or seven times in the past few months, and I'm starting to lose my shit!

I'm wondering if any of you have any advice or tips on how to get a 2nd part-time job? I could REALLY use it, before we're homeless!
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