Just Jill! (jillybeans) wrote in thequestionclub,
Just Jill!

Elderly Kitty Cat Moving!

I have a very old cat that I need to move over 700 miles from my parents house to my apartment. He is an indoor cat and he's been in my parents' house his entire life (except for when he was boarded or cat-sat while we were on vacations). However, my parents are moving down south, only 30 minutes away from me, and it's become imperative that I move him down here. I've wanted him to live with me for a long time, but I'm afraid to move him at his age.

He's nearly nineteen years old (will be nineteen on March 1st). The move will likely take place in April.
He's always been an indoor cat.
He does NOT travel well. Usually he gets carsick within the first five to ten minutes of a car ride, and he's never been on a plane before.
He's in good health, has a good appetite, and is generally just a kitten in a very old cat's body.
He loves and trusts me more than anyone else in my family. If anyone can move him, it'll be me for sure.
Expense for moving him is not an issue.
My parents' house is enormous, and my apartment is three rooms, not counting the bathrooms. Don't know if this will be an issue in the long run. He keeps to just a few rooms in my parents house out of choice anyway.
By car, the journey is about 14 hours, and there aren't many places on the road that allow pets overnight. By plane, it's about 2.5 hours, four with travel/check-in time.

My initial thought was to take him to the vet, have him looked at and given a shots update (he's definitely due), and ask about sedating him for a plane ride, which will be much shorter than a car ride. I'm just concerned that he's so old, sedating him might do serious harm, but without sedation, I don't see him traveling at all. It's a catch-22.

My question is this: What do you think would be the best way to travel with him/get him used to a new home as quickly as possible? I love this guy SO much, and I want to do this the easiest way possible for both of us.

Alt. questions: What's the furthest you've traveled with your pet? Was it by car, plane, or boat? How did your pet handle it, and how old was your pet at the time?
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