Just Jill! (jillybeans) wrote in thequestionclub,
Just Jill!

Won't Touch That.

What's the ONE thing that when you see it on your plate, you're quick to scrape it off and dispose of it? What is your LEAST favorite food?

My absolute least favorite food in the entire world is cucumbers, any kind: sweet ones, pickled ones, hard crisp crunchy ones, ANY cucumbers in any form. I don't like cucumber-infused water, and I HATE tzadziki sauce (it's a combination of two of my least favorite foods: cucumber and yogurt). I hate cucumbers so much that if they're touching my favorite foods, I won't eat the part of my favorite that the parts of my least favorite touches. My sister and two of my best friends won't touch ANYTHING that has tomatoes in it (my sister won't eat anything on the same plate as tomatoes or ketchup).

1. I bought a few zucchini to make zucchini lasagna the other day. When I sliced into the first one (which was considerably larger than the other two, but otherwise didn't look much different), this awful smell hit my nostrils. I sniffed the zucchini to discover that some horrible, terrible soul placed a cucumber in with the zucchini at the grocery store! I was really upset about this.

2. The salon I go to once a year to get my hair cut is pretty fancy. Whenever I walk in, they always offer me water. I usually politely decline, but one day, I was running late for my appointment, so I practically ran there. When the girl offered water, I was quick to say "yes, please." After one sip, I knew I'd have to be as polite as possible about the situation. CUCUMBER-INFUSED WATER!! I chugged the glass of it to be polite (and because I was absolutely parched), politely said thank you, and I did not ask for a second glass. D:

3. One of my best friends is from Greece. He made tzadziki sauce a few times, and every time, I HAAAATED it. I didn't want to offend him because he makes this stuff from scratch all the time, but I hated it, absolutely hated it. I finally got up the courage to tell him that I was really sorry, but I didn't like tzadziki sauce. I made it clear that it had nothing to do with how it was prepared; it was because two of the three ingredients are two of my absolute least favorite foods haha. He laughed and told me I should've told him long ago, but understood that I really was trying not to hurt his feelings. Not entirely funny, but it is now that I look back on it.
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