plasmic_slime (plasmic_slime) wrote in thequestionclub,

I used to really love roller derby. Then my league got political. I took a break, and re-started when I moved to the US. That league was super bitchy, so I changed to a different one. They got political and broke up. During this time I also injured my shoulder, and it's still not quite right a year or two on.

I moved to a new place after another break, and joined the team here. They're lovely and friendly, but there is some simmering politics. I have been staying out of contact drills because of my shoulder, and actually not attended for about a month because I don't get much joy from it any more. However it has been fabulous as a social aspect in a new town, which i'm not sure would carry over if I no longer was a league member.

I have considered going back in as a ref, but the whole sport just doesn't grab me like it used to. I can't take the drama, politics and heartache that seems to come as part and parcel with it either.

So, do I give it one last chance, and try to throw myself into reffing, or just accept that I already have a busy sporting schedule (krav maga and trapeze) and retire myself?

dk,dc: What sports do you do?
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