Donna (sassi214) wrote in thequestionclub,

I was involved in a personal safety incident with a friend today. Without going into too many details, we've discussed the possibility of carrying pepper spray in our pocket/on our person. (we're both women, if that matters)

Years and years ago, my mom purchased a pepper spray keychain (something like this: for her three daughters, when we were all in our late teens. Mostly because we worked at the mall, and got out of work after hours, driving alone, etc. I carried it for a year or so and then stopped. I never had to use it.

Do you carry pepper spray?
Why/why not?
If so, do you have a recommendation?

Her husband was looking into these models:

This one is not refillable, but hopefully it will not be used that often.

This one is refillable – and a little cheaper. But my first thought was that if someone mistook it for a gun, it could be more trouble. (There is a “hot pink” version that might help with that.)

This is just pepper spray in a can. Cheaper, but might be harder to get to and aim quickly. The first two are “gun like” to make them accessible more quickly and more accurate. (and presumably reach longer distances)

I looked it up and found this info on pepper spray in my state:

But I'm unclear if this means I can't carry it everywhere? I'm not wrapping my head around the listed restrictions.

I'm sort of leery of this whole idea, but figured I could get some varied opinions here.

Thank you!
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