full_metal_ox (full_metal_ox) wrote in thequestionclub,

The ideal pair of goggles: am I being an insufferable pickypants?

I'm seeking goggles that would lend themselves to a reasonably retropunk fashion statement but also provide the right kind and degree of UV protection to serve as functional sunglasses; my clothing budget doesn't allow a lot of room for pure costume accessories. My further requirements:

1. They'd need to fit over a largish pair of prescription glasses--requiring a bridge rather than separate lenses.

2. They ought not to look too brazenly modern; since my particular flavor of steam carries a strong whiff of diesel, matte plastic in a subdued color (which could be construed as gutta-percha or Bakelite) would be just fine.

3. It would be even better for them not to be ruinously expensive.

(These welding goggles fulfill conditions #1, #2, and probably #3, but I've discovered welding goggles to be too dang dark for casual wear in non-welding situations; these two styles from Harbor Freight, worn in blazing noonday summer daylight, enabled me to discern the approach of a bus but not to read the destination display on its sign.)
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