Jess (thejoysofjess) wrote in thequestionclub,

What do you think about people on facebook who list themselves as "alum" of a school that they didn't actually graduate from? Like they just transferred or even dropped out of it.

How do you lace your shoes? Do you lace different brands differently? See here for names of how you can lace your shoes.

1. It bothers me, I have to say. Because you did not graduate, so you are not an alumnus. Facebook needs to add an option for dropouts/transfers, but even so, you don't have to list a year OR that you're an alum. You can just add yourself to the school's directory. People who do that are either trying to make themselves seem cooler OR they're dumb and don't know what the word means.

2. I lace mine like this if they are vans, but like this if they are running shoes. But mostly I buy shoes that don't lace up.
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