Mary Anne (supermary) wrote in thequestionclub,
Mary Anne

On jobs...

1. How many jobs have you had?
2. How old were you when you got your first paying job?
3. What is your current job?
4. What was your favorite job? Why?
5. What about least favorite one? Why?
6. Regardless of the fact you are employed (or not), are you job hunting?
7. Do you/Have you done volunteer work?
8. If yes, what? If no... well skip on.
9. What is your dream job?

1. I've had 4 jobs.
2. 18.
3. Nothing. I quit, and my last day was today!
4. I didn't love any of my jobs to death, but I liked being a computer teacher a lot, when it came to the kids part. I hated dealing with the idiot adults though.
5. This current one wins on the boredom level.
6. Not for now. I want to enjoy my time off.
7. Yes I have.
8. I've taught underpriviledged kids and worked at an association for the physically disabled, helping aroudn in their communication and marketing department. Might be going back to that now.
9. I am not absolutely sure, but I think maybe working for the UN, or doing something in the 3rd sector, something cool in the business world (yes, i know that is incredibly vague) or maybe even going back to teaching. Who knows...
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