That Damn Broad (thatdamnbroad) wrote in thequestionclub,
That Damn Broad

What to do?

Hey TQC -

Twenty years ago we moved from the big city to this little town where everybody seems to know each other. They all went to school together, they attend the same churches, they've all known each other forever, and even though I've lived here 20 years I still feel like an outsider. My family members all live far away, or else they're dead, so other than my very immediate family (my husband, my adult son with autism and my son's father) I really have no one to celebrate the holidays with. What would you do? Just not bother with the holidays or something else? Volunteering doesn't seem to be a good option because all the charities around here are affiliated with the various churches (there's one on every corner) and I'm an atheist. I have some acquaintances but no real friends (I tend to be the polar opposite of the prevailing political persuasion in this area).

What would you do in my shoes, TQC? I know it's probably too late to do anything about this year, but I'm thinking about what I might do differently next year.
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