kadevha (kadevha) wrote in thequestionclub,


  Story: Chick I went to school with is super responsibile, doesn't work because her son needs her at home for various reasons.  She lost a kid to SIDS, about a year ago.  When her child was asleep (6ish months old?), she took a shower.  She came out and, well, had to call the ambulance.  Her husband works a job that surely cannot be TOO much more than minimum wage.  She doesn't complain about her lot in life but has mentioned how useful a Kindle e-reader would be because she is legally blind.

I am in circumstances where $59 isn't TOO much of a blow on an almost stranger (haven't even seen her in 15+ years).  I do have her address.  Should I get her that Kindle e-reader or just move on?

Or should I buy myself an HD Fire and send her my 1st gen Fire?
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