esgee not sg (slytheringurrl) wrote in thequestionclub,
esgee not sg

Pharmacy vs. Premed

So, I'm thinking about applying to a 0-6 pharmD school or a premed program but don't know which is better.  I'm leaning towards pharmacy but I do want to have a job after graduation, which I definitely will after finishing med school, but that will take a lot longer.

  • My parents are willing to pay for all of school if I go to pharm school but won't pay for premed.  Is it worth taking their offer?  Will I be able to get a job in any field of pharmacy?  Would I be able to live in a large city and still get a job or is it easier to get a job in the suburbs/smaller towns?

  • Is it easier to get into med school after pharmD?  Would I get to graduate early because of credits transferring?

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