icyspook (icyspook) wrote in thequestionclub,

seeking a short story

Trying to remember the name and author of a short story. It was published some time no earlier than 1935 and no later than the 70s. It was not science fiction. In the opening of the story a woman wearing a red rayon dress sits in a bar as she often does. She is holding court in the bar, in a way -- she is of low socioeconomic standing but in this place she feels herself to be the aristocracy. Then another woman comes into the bar wearing a red silk dress. This is the dress of which the first woman's dress is a knock-off, and this woman is the class that the first woman fantasizes herself to be.

I do not remember what happens next.

This is not terribly important and it is not driving me nuts as such things sometimes do. I'm just mentioning it on the chance that someone might know.


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