The Great Sasha Adventure (lovetoujours) wrote in thequestionclub,
The Great Sasha Adventure

Cat owners, I have a question for you. My cat is almost 2 and it's my first winter with her. She's normally very chatty (even her commenting on something needs to be commented on). The past few days we've had the heat on and she's been sneezing like crazy. I got her a humidifier and the sneezing is mostly better but she's still being pretty quiet.

Given that the sneezing is mostly better and she doesn't show any other symptoms of being sick, do you think it's something I should worry about? I tend to be a little paranoid about her wellbeing.
Cancel that. She's back to chirping at me about everything this morning, she just was letting me sleep in for once. :) Thanks!

Edit: please share pics of any of your pets with me even if you dk/dc. I love animals

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