XY (la_nostalgia) wrote in thequestionclub,

I've been on a 'The Biggest Loser' kick lately, for some reason. One thing I noticed was that most of the contestants end up being those with a huge potential to be conventionally attractive. They usually have good teeth, hair, skin (maybe makeup) and so on. Do you think I observed this wrong? Or do you think it's a product of the selection process, that they want to end up with the best looking representatives? Or that the 'worst' looking people don't even apply because their other image issues prevent it? I know when I used to struggle with my weight in my early twenties, I let myself go and didn't want to go to the doctor, my teeth were bad due to my diet, my skin had really bad acne... It's not something you see on the show. Not saying anything like 'fat people need to be ugly' but weight issues and depression which a lot of the contestants deal with tend to pull other issues with them in my experience.
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