Kate (low_billions) wrote in thequestionclub,

Ususally what qualifications do you need to work in an office? HS degree? College Degree? What are some traditional office jobs?

Who is the best late night host [Letterman? Leno? Conan? Craig Fergson?]

If you HAD to make one of the view co-hosts immortal, who would you pick?

I'm going on a two & 1/2 day "journey" to Wildwood as a senior trip. There will be swimming [or in my case drowning], going to the piers, and a day at Six Flags New Jersey. Rooms, Transportation, and one of the meals is paid for. How much money should I bring? What should I pack?

What rides At Morey's and at Six Flags Great Adventure should I ride?

Any other not-to-be missed Wildwood sights? Any games I could play on the bus to and from my school to Wild Wood so that I am not bored to death?

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