Sara (sara_k_s) wrote in thequestionclub,

Bad Haircut

I got my hair cut on Saturday at a pretty nice place. The hairstylist talked to me before she started about what she was going to do. I told her how I wanted it, and I also said I wanted it a couple of inches shorter. When she was done, it looked pretty nice, and I said I liked it and gave her what I think was a pretty generous tip ($7 on a $47 haircut).

But once I got home, I realized that it was not appreciably shorter than it was before. Only the top layer is 2 inches shorter. It was kind of hard to tell while I was there, because I was sitting down when I looked at it and she had just blow-dried it (which I never do), which made it look a little shorter. It still looks really nice, and the style is exactly how I wanted it -- except that it’s about 2 inches too long.

I’m not happy with this because I really wanted it to be shorter, because I think it gets messy too easily when it’s too long. Also, I usually wear a polo shirt to work, and it’s exactly the wrong length for that because it’s not long enough to go over the collar in the back, but it’s just long enough that it ends up going inside the back collar and it looks stupid. I actually wanted it cut a little too short initially so it would take longer before it grew long enough that I have to get it cut again, because I usually get a haircut about once every 6 months.

A further complication is that I live 40 miles away from where I got my hair cut. The place is near where my parents live, and I was visiting them for the weekend, but now I’m back home. It’s too far for me to drive on a weeknight, and the next time I’m planning to be in that area is in 2 weeks for my sister’s graduation.

So, my questions:

1. Have you ever gotten a bad haircut? If so, what did you do?

2. What would you do if you were me?
  • Go back to the salon and ask them to cut it again for free (what would you say to explain why they should do this?)
  • Go somewhere else to get it cut the way you want it (would you go to another expensive place and spend another $50, or go to a cheaper place like Best Cuts?)
  • Just live with the haircut for a few months and then go get it cut again as you planned (would you ever go back to the same salon again?)
  • Something else
3. If you were the hairstylist, would you think I’m a bitch if I asked you to do it over for free? Even if I were as nice as possible about it when asking? You would pretty much have to do the whole cut over again.
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