Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

Feel free to treat this question kindof like (fancytag)Shitty_advice(/fancytag) and give me your wildest answers. Unless you -can- think of something reasonable, in which case that's cool too.

On my university campus, we have this woman. She.... We're fairly certain that she's schizophrenic. (Don't get me wrong, I dated a girl with schizophrenia for almost a year, I'm not making lump generalisations or anything.)

+If I mention her, I will run into her sometime within the next two days.
+She is a somewhat older woman, maybe upper 30s-mid40s.
+She mutters to herself about lesbians, foreigners, molestation, and the government.
+There is an inch thick file at the bus office of incident reports with this woman, in which other passengers complained about the muttering and the driver had to ask her to keep it down.
+She stares at people. We were at the same lecture, I ducked out early, she stared at me the entire time I was leaving, even turning around in her chair to do so.
+Someone who had her in their creative writing class said she wrote pretty standard fare, but never gave the characters names. They're all "Young Mother," "Man With Mustache," so forth.
+She has been forcibly removed from a classroom by medical personnel.
+I'd ask her this question, but deep down I'm kindof afraid of her in a 'no eye contact, no sudden movements' sortof way. I'm not the only one who feels like this.

Originally she shaved her widow's peak. Ooookay, that's kindof weird, she seems the sort who'd say she's not a widow so she shouldn't have one, whatever.
I saw her a week ago. She has since updated her look and shaved everything forward from her ears. She also cut her longish black hair to collar length, which from a distance makes it look like she has a black beret hanging loosely off the back of a bald head.

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