Meggs (comma_error) wrote in thequestionclub,

Movin' Out!

I’m an only child (21 years old) moving out of my parent’s home for the first time. I’m only moving about 35 miles away and really the only reason for doing so is that I can’t finish my degree at the regional branch of the University I’ve been attending. I’m excited (and admittedly a *little* nervous) and as expected my parents are stressed/emotional.

The assistant manager (Lisa) of the apartment complex that I’m going to be moving into has been nothing short of amazing. She’s gone out of her way to be accommodating (through almost renting me a 2 bedroom and then my going back on that right before the lease signing when my roommate to be backed out on me…then dealing with me almost having a breakdown in her office (the stress of the parents was wearing on me as well) when there were no one bedroom apartments available – she actually managed to finagle an apartment for me that wasn’t supposed to be available yet or some such). While I realize that most of this is her job, she’s really been great. Dealing with my parents and I this past week has been like talking to 3 raving lunatics all off their medication. My father and I looked at innumerable apartment complexes with managers just looking to take advantage of college students (college towns – ugh…) but we got none of that at the place we settled on…not to mention it’s one of the nicest properties we saw (it’s actually located just outside the city…one of the reasons I was so stressed when I thought I wasn’t going to be able to get a place there).

The point – it’s coming…I promise.

Lisa has been so patient and good natured with us through this that I want to do something for her to show my appreciation, but I’m not sure what to do. I plan on telling her boss how impressed I am (though I’m not sure how to go about this yet because I’ve never actually met him/don’t know how to contact him) but I want to do something else as well. Her being so nice means a lot to me because it’s made my parents realize that everyone in the world isn’t out to get me and I will at some point see them again. I was thinking about a thank you card and a small gift…but what kind of gift? Anyone have any suggestions on what I should do? I’m new to this kind of thing and don’t want to look obnoxious. lol
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