thegreenstage (thegreenstage) wrote in thequestionclub,

Mainly for UK people

How much political savvy do you have? (Not much)

Do you know anything about UK politics? (I don't know much apart from local politics, but I always vote.) I vote locally.

Can you give me a precis of the NHS goings on?

DK/DC: Last night, I had one of those crazy messed up dreams that even if you wake up from it, you go back into it. In the dream, I was a contract killer, and I ended up dying. Have you ever killed anyone in a dream? Have you ever died in a dream?

  • Hey, a Movie!

    1.What streaming services do you subscribe to currently? 2.How many are free? 3. How many do you "borrow " from friends or family?

  • Pub Crawls

    Have you ever participated in a pub crawl? Was there a theme? Did you dress up for it?

  • Since It's Big Whopper Liar Day

    What is the last lie you told?

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