Katherine (cactus_rs) wrote in thequestionclub,

Thoughts on Business Names and Email Identities

I'm an American expat living abroad and I make most of my money by editing/proofreading English. So far I just work for one organization but I was thinking of putting out posters at appropriate places (universities, the school where I study) to find more work. Diversification and all of that.

Do you think it's better to just go by my real name? Or to set up some kind of cutesy business name/email/website/etc.?

There are a couple people out there who think they have my gmail address. Or one of my gmail addresses, rather; my first and last name combo is rare enough so that my "real name" gmail doesn't suffer from mistaken identity. But my other gmail address (that I use mostly as a sign-up email and for anything related to my Etsy store) periodically gets password reset emails for sites I've never signed up with, email newsletters I've never signed up for, and one time I even got a PDF of an organization's travel documents for a trip to the Ivory Coast. Has this happened to any of you? Did you ever find the person who thought they had your email address? I just unsubscribe from things as they come, but is there anything I else I can/should be doing?

(I keep tabs on my finances and ~online presence~ enough to be sure that no one is trying to intentionally steal my identity or whatever.)

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