speechiepants (speechiepants) wrote in thequestionclub,

Business Casual?

Backstory: I work with a fairly young team of consultants (SLPs, OTs, psychologists) in a school division setting.  Our central office does not have a formalized dress code, but the superintendent has requested that we dress "business casual." The most emphasis has been put on not wearing jeans or yoga pants.

1 - What do you personally define as business casual?
2 - What is your opinion on dresses with leggings as business casual wear?  Acceptable? Not acceptable?
3- What are your thoughts regarding shoulders and business casual wear?  We have had some people suggest that one's shoulders should always be covered, and others say that provided the top has wide enough straps to cover bra straps, isn't too low cut, and is a dressier type of top, it is Ok.  So, no cotton racer-back athletic tops, but something like this (http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2013/09/28/article-2436875-185AD10300000578-496_306x605.jpg) would be Ok.
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