Jennifer (xxflyingsoulxx) wrote in thequestionclub,

Bad and gross experience exercising...

I just puked during my run. I am not a serious runner, never been in any races, but I like to run about once or twice a week to stay in shape. I run about 20-30 minutes, and, in the past few months, I have been running a 5k once a week, slowly, about 35 minutes.

I returned from Australia after living there for 8 months to the states just a couple weeks ago. Last week, when I tried to run, I could barely run 20 minutes, and I blamed it on my congestion due to Florida allergies. Today, I started running on a treadmill at a very slow speed(~4.5 mph) and at 25 minutes, I felt extremely nauseous, stopped it to run to the bathroom, but puked all over the gym's floor before I could do anything. It was humiliating and has never happened to me before.

I am almost 25 and thought I was in moderate shape. Besides running, I go to the gym usually 2 or three times a week and enjoy outdoor activities like kayaking and hiking. I have gained twenty pounds in the last year and have noticed it's harder to do things that I used to, like hike up a mountain and, as shown today, run. I don't understand what's going on here. I eat and work out just like I always have. Is it the American food or something?

I know you guys aren't doctors, but have any of you thrown up randomly while working out? It was shorter and slower than I usually run. I had a snack of eggs, spinach, and avocado before I ran (about 30 minutes beforehand), which isn't unusual because I have low-blood sugar so I always like to eat before I exercise. I also drank a 12 oz latte about 2 hours beforehand. In Australia, I would often have an 8 oz latte before I went to the gym, and it actually improved my workout. So what's the deal? I had the fan on the treadmill on and was drinking a lot of water.

Any similar stories? Any advice on how to not let this happen again and how to get back into shape? I have no idea how I got out of shape but apparently I did. And I'm still pretty nauseous and lightheaded.


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