The Light Of Daye (lightofdaye) wrote in thequestionclub,
The Light Of Daye


So way back in my mid teens, my folks got me an aftershave/deodorant pack for my birthday/chrismas. I'm now mid-twenties and only earlier this year did I run out. So you can see I didn't use it often but it was useful for when I nicked myself or ended up with razor rash.

Then i took a look a supermarket men's toiletries aisle for a bit. and stared amazed at the breadth and range of different pre-, during, and post- shaving goops they had and gave up in sheer bewilderment.

what aftershave to you use? Where's the best place to go to get some simple aftershave?

dk/dc/don't shave: Do you have many tv boxsets on Dvd? have you watched them through more than once? Were they worth it?
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