Just Jill! (jillybeans) wrote in thequestionclub,
Just Jill!

Hideous Cabinets

Okay, so I have this teeny tiny kitchen space in my apartment with the world's fugliest cabinets.

That isn't a photo from my kitchen, but it's the exact same cabinets. They're, like, pressed wood with vinyl cream colored fronts and I hate them with every fiber of my being, but cabinets cost too much to get all new ones. Advice on how to make these look better? Can you paint vinyl like this, or would it be better to just wait and get new cabinets when I can afford it? I've even heard of just using a nice contact paper on top to make them appear nicer.

EDIT: Yes, I'm allowed to make alterations. Dad is my landlord and I've been an amazing tenant for 6 years; I can convince him to do whatever to this place. Plus, he hates the cabinets as much as I do.

EDIT 2: If you Google Image search "ugliest cabinets", you can find loads of pictures of the same/very similar cabinets to the ones I have.

For others, what's the biggest remodeling project you've done on your home? How did it go? Did you love the results?
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