Firerose Arien (firerosearien) wrote in thequestionclub,
Firerose Arien

So I take a writing class. my writing class is Tuesday evenings, 6:00-9 during the year.

I also take a HEMA/sword class, which I started this summer and am absolutely in love with. the sword classes are 1-3 times a week, 7-8 or 8:30. I am already going every Friday and will work my way up to Saturday (which is sparring). The other class is Tuesday, at the same time as the writing class.

Alas, once-a-week for HEMA isn't really enough practice; I'm practicing at home but it's not the same thing as when you are in the studio. I am enjoying HEMA so much that I'd almost rather continue with that than the writing class, but if I don't go to the writing class I might never actually get my novel done. Fall registration for writing hasn't started yet so right now the decision is totally up to me, no sunk costs or anything like that. What would you do?

I have a full membership for HEMA class, which means that I can sign up for any class I want as long as there's space. It works out to be cheaper than the writing class, but the difference isn't so big as to, well, make a difference.
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