ocean eyes (logicoflove) wrote in thequestionclub,
ocean eyes

Okay, I need help finding a specific short story.

Sometime in the last five years I read an anthology of the year's best horror. I don't remember the year it was published, the year I read it, or who edited the anthology. The short story I'm trying to find was about a married couple moving to a remote cabin, maybe in the mountains. I think the man was writing a book or something? They kept hearing screams and when they asked locals about it no one would/could tell them anything. I think the twist ending was that the screams they were hearing were actually the wife in the future. I remember the climax of the story was the husband finding that someone had used her blood to make an outline of her body and her eyeballs were in a tree or something??? That's all I can remember and I have no idea what to Google to try to find out the title of the story. If anyone knows what this is, please tell me!

DK/DC: What books have left a lasting impression on you?
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