TURN AROUND, BRIGHT TOAST (salamandertoast) wrote in thequestionclub,

I used to really enjoy video games as a kid, but I haven't played them in years. Recently I've started thinking that I might like to get into them again. But since I haven't played since the GameCube was popular, I am really out of touch with what's out there now. So I have a couple questions for you gamers out there:

1. What gaming platforms would you recommend? Like I said, I'm REALLY out of touch, so I'm pretty clueless about my options. I figure PlayStation and Xbox are the top choices these days, but I really know nothing about the different consoles they offer. Since I'm new to all this, I don't need the latest-and-greatest, just something reliable that has a good selection of games that can be played on it. (Or are most games available for all platforms these days? idk how this stuff works anymore.)

2. What are some really good games out there? I'd be especially interested in something more plot-driven, with an interesting storyline and characters, rather than something that's just about the fighting. Preferably something manageable for someone with little to no gaming experience.

Also, if it makes any difference, I'm more of a solo player. I mean, games with multiplayer possibilities are cool, in case I have a friend over, but I really don't have any interest in connecting with strangers around the globe or whatever since I guess that's a thing people can do these days.

Apologies for how confused and clumsily worded this whole question is…I feel like an old lady asking her grandchildren to explain all this newfangled technology to me
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