Jasmine! (looloosmells) wrote in thequestionclub,

Party Etiquette

Tomorrow my husband and I are hosting a housewarming party/4th of July Party at our home. This is our first gathering at our house since we bought it (remember the house was filled with mold and termites?). After 6 months of construction, it's ready for a killer party!

We planned this party 2 months ago. We have been working non stop to get everything ready for it....and this morning, my SIL texts me and says she is going to bring a cake to celebrate her mom's birthday at our house since everyone will be there at the gathering (her mom's birthday is 7/5).

This rubbed me the wrong way, since 1. she told me this the day before, 2. it's not a party for her mom, 3. she didn't offer to help or contribute if we made it her mom's party as well.

She's done this twice before, without asking: she had her parents celebrate their 35th anniversary at our engagement party and her mom's birthday at another 4th of July party.

I told her I was sorry, but there are many guests coming who do not know her mom and that this was also the first event we were having at our new home.

Now I feel bad. What do y'all think, TQC? Am I being an a-hole? Is she? Or both of us :(
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