sluice (sluice) wrote in thequestionclub,

Chicago Pride!

My SO and I went to Chicago Pride this weekend and went to the parade on Sunday (yesterday).  It was crazy!  I mean, people shoulder to shoulder for blocks.

There was one group of people who went running through the throng shouting "she's gonna puke!" and everyone moved.

I thought that was it, but then we were standing minding our own business and Brian went "oh no".  Some girl vomited down the back of somebody's shirt.  At first the guy didn't notice, then it became apparent that he did and it was uncomfortable to say the least.  Brian gave the guy one of the t-shirts he was wearing, because that's the kind of guy Brian is.  I saw the girl, spitting what looked like apple and snot into a cup as she walked by.  Keep it classy, gal.  You know what?  Everyone acts a fool sometimes at major events.  It's oh well, but that was super gross.

What is the most disgusting/shocking/unexpected thing that has ever happened to you while on vacation or at a major event?

EDIT: I know it's awful, but your stories are making me laugh so hard.  Hope your belongings were salvageable and you were able to get clean quickly!
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