Sushidog (sushidog) wrote in thequestionclub,

Sports and cheating

I should start by saying I'm really very ignorant about sports; I don't play them, I don't watch them, I don't really have any interest in them. I went to a hockey match earlier this year, and I've caught some snippets of soccer games during the world cup, but my knowledge about them is _extremely_ limited.

My question is, in which sports does cheating get you instantly disqualified, and in which is it more or less expected if not accepted?

I ask because every football match seems to have, not just people getting yellow or red cards for flying kicks to the head, biting (he didn't even get a card for that, did he?) or dangerous tackles, but also numerous examples, which go pretty much unremarked, of players grabbing on to someone else's shirt or arms or body, pulling or shoving them, and so on. And I'm told that that's against the rules, but it doesn't seem to be an issue. Hockey seems to be the same; there are numerous examples in any match of people deliberately breaking the rules.
Now, to me, as someone who isn't in to sports, that seems kind of bizarre; the world cup is literally the highest level at which football can be played, and yet it is entirely expected and unremarkable for the players to cheat, more or less constantly.
On the other hand, if an Olympic runner (for example) is found to have taken performance-enhancing drugs, they're disqualified from the race on the spot, and may be banned from competing altogether.

So can anyone explain this to me? Or offer your own thoughts?
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