jaz (gabardinedreams) wrote in thequestionclub,

I put in an application for a cat today. He's a 2 year old polydactyl orange tabby and his current name is Harold. I wish I had a picture but he just came out of isolation so we couldn't take him out of the kennel and he's not on the website yet.

What should I name him? We already have a brown and white cat named Cheese. Tons of names that go with Cheese have come to mind and been suggested by others but I'm open to anything. I'd call him Mac because it goes with Cheese and It's Always Sunny is our favourite show but my close friend already has a Mac cat.

What should I pick up for him tomorrow when I go get a litterbox? Cheese is really really old so she doesn't have any toys or anything. We do have a cat house with a scratching post built in so hopefully he uses that. Cheese is unfortunately declawed so it hasn't been touched.

DK/DC show me your pets.
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