charuby (charuby) wrote in thequestionclub,

Adware help

I have a Firefox add-on on my laptop called ReMarkable. I had it before, and it came up on my programs list so I removed it. At that time, it wasn't listed as an add-on, it was just there. All the annoying ads went away after that. I've been fine for months. Yesterday, it came back just like that. I didn't go on any dodgy websites, or download something I shouldn't have. It just came out of nowhere. So I tried to remove it from my programs again, but it wasn't listed as a program. So I checked my Firefox add-ons and it's in there, but I certainly didn't download it. Now, I've tried to get rid. Most websites say to just remove it as an add-on, but I can't. The option to remove it never comes up. I tried disabling it as well, but even when it's 'disabled' it evidently isn't because I'm bombarded with ads.

Is there an easy way to get rid of this? I've done a quick virus scan and a full virus scan, but it's saying my laptop is virus free. I've tried manually uninstalling, doesn't work. I've tried removing the add-on, but I can't. What else could I do?
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