chookfair (chookfair) wrote in thequestionclub,

My boyfriend is working as a sign-spinner/human directional/human billboard/whatever [wiki if you're confused]. He takes an mp3 player to work with him and I would like to surprise him by putting a work-related mix on there. Can you lot suggest songs for the mix? Basically anything about spinning, waving, signs, etc. would work. He's had Ace of Base's "The Sign" stuck in his head for a week straight, so that's a given, but any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Including songs about working minimum wage jobs that rob you of all dignity and/or any lingering warm feelings toward humanity and/or your top-most layers of skin (we couldn't afford sunscreen his first day; WORST SUNBURN EVER). Thanks in advance.

Also he is working on a zine about his job but still trying to come up with a title. Any suggestions? He likes puns (the more cringe-worthy the pun, the better!).

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