e_d_young (e_d_young) wrote in thequestionclub,

Punishment and Consequence

TQC, it seems kind of quiet lately. So tell me what you think about this, it's inspired by some drama among YouTubers.

Basically, what's the difference between punishment and consequence? Where do you draw the line?

Let's say a person does covert shitty things to some of her friends online. (Maybe she was a fake friend to start with, who knows.)  Anyway, the person leaks private info online of some of her friends, which is against the law where they live.  And the person creates sock puppet accounts to criticize and talk bad about some of her friends. Eventually the loose group of friends figure out what this person has been doing. If they expose the person online, is that punishing the person? After all, they could just confront her privately. So, TQC, when do you call something 'punishment' rather than 'consequence'?

ETA: I'm not looking for textbook definitions. Just your personal feelings or gut feeling.

Edited to clarify: If they expose the person's behavior, not expose the person (pinfo).
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