allison vernon-williams (fame) wrote in thequestionclub,
allison vernon-williams

thanks to fraiser...

hey tqc, i'm curious to know your thoughts on gift giving. on an episode of Frasier, he lends Ros some money after she complains of financial hardship--she then buys/does things that Frasier feels are fiscally irresponsible--he loaned her the money, but he had preconceived notions on how she should spend it. of course, that leads to a big blow up where it's revealed that he's completely wrong, blahblahblah, but it got me to thinking...

are you allowed to set parameters on a gift for someone, or does that make it not a gift?

in my specific situation, a girl working at my store complained of her gas needle being below empty and having less than a dollar in her bank account. she lived pretty far away (20+ miles), has a kid, and recently took a pay cut, so on my break i went to the gas station and bought her $15 in gift cards b/c i've had good deeds paid forward to me recently. i asked the attendant if they were only good for gas and she told me no, they're good for anything in the store.

when she went on her break, she got the gas, but she also came back with a new pack of cigarettes. i didn't say anything to her and i'm not going to, because i gave her those gift cards, none of my business, etc, but i couldn't help but wonder if she bought them with the cards. plenty of other things could have happened--she could have been exaggerating about having less than a buck to her name, she could have had a carton out in the car--whatever.

is this just an issue of semantics, or is there another word i should use in place of gift?
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