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If you’re a HP fan, which house are you in? Or are you a combination? Or don’t you bother about a house/s for yourself?

If you’re on Pottermore, which house did Pottermore put you in?
Does your Pottermore house match where you think you belong?
What’s your Pottermore wand?
Do you like it, or would you have chosen a different wood/core?

Other than your primary house, which house members do you think you’d be most comfortable hanging out with?

Do you have a set of rules for what you consider HP canon?

Do you geek out about anything other than HP? If so, what? Are you involved in the fandom/s, or do you prefer just to enjoy it all by yourself, or with RL friends/family?

If you don’t give a flying monkey’s about HP, what’s your favourite fandom?
If you don’t give a crap about anything that could be described as a fandom, what are you enthralled by? Tell me why you love whatever it is?

If you spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about and/or participating in any activity and/or fandom, do you think that that participation/thought-time is beneficial or detrimental to you?

DK/DC: If you eat steak, how do you like it? Have you ever ordered steak in a restaurant? If so, was it good? What are the attributes of various cuts? Have you ever cooked steak at home? Were you successful?

If you don’t eat beef, or indeed any meat, what would be your ideal main part of a meal at which everyone else was eating meat? Or would you prefer that the whole menu was vegetarian/vegan, with dishes that everyone can enjoy? (not planning anything, just curious).
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