belle_noire20 (belle_noire20) wrote in thequestionclub,

Ever faced noise complaints?

My dad and I have been getting noise complaints from our neighbour for a while now. The police have already come to our house twice: once when I was alone (between 6-8 in the evening), and the second time was when we had a family Christmas party (it wasn’t even midnight when they came).

My dad had spoken to the husband, and from what I gather it is the wife who is having the issue. I’ve never met her in person, and my dad sees the husband much more than the wife. My dad also spoke with our neighbour on the other side of our house, and they say that we don’t make any noise that would merit a call to the police.

I’m not sure how this woman can hear us. We live in detached houses that are less than 3 years old. The stereo is never at full capacity; I make sure that the bass and tremble are at 0, and the volume is at less than 50%. Now I find myself standing outside to see if the music is too loud. I’m studying music as well, and I don’t want the neighbours complaining about me practicing in the basement.

Any ideas on what I can do about this issue?
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