Me (sailorblonde) wrote in thequestionclub,

Move, or Stay?

TQC, I have a big decision ahead of me. I just received a job offer for a position back in my home state of MI. It's with a big company, and I'd be learning a lot. Career-wise I think it's a smart move. BUT I'm really torn between moving back, and staying in the city. If I take the job I'd be closer to old friends and family - a 30 minute drive instead of 5 hours - so I wouldn't miss things like birthdays or impromptu dinners. At the same time, I'm feeling sad about the thought of leaving.

There are so many more opportunities to do the things I like to do out here, and I have friends out here who I would miss.
To make matters a little more confusing, a couple months ago my long-term live-in boyfriend and I ended our 6-year relationship. We ended it amiably and on good terms, but we still see each other often. (I know, I should cut all ties for a while to "move on" but it's hard when we still care about each other.) Deep down I wonder if the sadness I'm feeling is because I'm going to miss hanging out with him and, and I know it's going to make him sad too.
I'm so torn between a good career move, moving toward family, and moving away from a "fun" city. What do you think? What would TQC do?

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