Blackbird (demonologie) wrote in thequestionclub,

How do you deal with the death of someone close to you?
Is it better or worse if you kind of new that it would happen relatively soon but thought you'd have more time, or that they would be able to get better for a while? (i.e. they're pretty sick all the time with one thing after another, or have something like cancer.)

My Aunt has three different life-threatening/basically terminal things wrong with her right now, and two days ago she decided to stop all treatment and let nature take its course. On the one hand, I'm totally supportive of dying with dignity and when you want to, rather than clinging on, miserably, until the last possible second, but the idea of not getting another email from her has had me in tears for days.

dk/dc/i am a robot and emotions are weird concepts to me: What are some great video games you're excited for?
PS4 or XBOX1?
My boyfriend bought me the Kingdom Hearts Final Mix compilation with the two DS games and the remix of the first. I've been distracting myself with it this weekend. We also picked up Watchdogs for him today. We're both pretty excited for some of the survival/horror games coming out, as well as the pre-sequel toe Borderlands.

Have you ever worked at/interviewed for a GameStop position? any general advice for a sales driven retail job?
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