Edwardo Catflappo (theonlymeyouget) wrote in thequestionclub,
Edwardo Catflappo

Finding a Lost Cat

My friend lost her cat (my former foster kitten, which makes this even more emotional).  It was a freak accident, something you wouldn't ever think of, really.  She pushed a screen out a window.

So far I/we have:

*  Put up flyers.  I will make more tomorrow and we will continue the effort.
*  Posted on CL and a few FB groups
*  Left food
*  Called shelters - this will continue as well

Tomorrow I am going to try to bring over a couple humane traps, if I can find some.

Is there anything else we can be doing?  Her son has autism, and Pip is his emotional support animal.  We are offering a reward for her recovery as well.
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