Brandoch Daha (ticktockman) wrote in thequestionclub,
Brandoch Daha

moving mp3 files around

My hard-won DOS 3.3 command line skills are of no use to me! I'm having the hardest time bringing outside .mp3 files into my music library and accessing them usefully in Windows Media Player. Any suggestions or pointers to detailed helpfiles would make me almost obnoxiously grateful.

Example: I'm doing volunteer shifts at a radio station and the on-air product is autosaved in 15 minute blocks as .mp3 files. I download the files from my shift onto a flash drive and bring it home. My goal is to save the files to a folder, then access the files with Windows Media Player, give them useful labels in the title / artist / album / date fields, and listen to them when I like.

So far I can create a desktop folder and put them in it, and have Media Player find it. But the files are being double-listed in Media Player, and appear under the "other" category. I'm having similar problems bringing in and saving a large number of music .mp3s that I backed up onto an external hard drive from my previous computer. I thought I restored from backup okay, but each song appears twice in the player and I can't get them to simply transfer to my current machine and continue working after I disconnect the external drive.

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