allison vernon-williams (fame) wrote in thequestionclub,
allison vernon-williams

weird & kinda creepy...

I come to you with a puzzle, TQC. Last night, at 12:13 AM, our phone rang. Our cable provider shows who is calling across the screen, and it said it was my 97 year old grandmother. My brother tried to answer the phone but it said "line in use," so he assumed my parents had answered it. We went to go check and make sure grandma is okay (she lives by herself still). Mom (who'd been drinking but also asleep) says it wasn't grandma, that there wasn't anyone there. I checked the phone and caller ID says ya, definitely was grandma's number that called. Mom tried to call her back, it just rang. To be on the safe side, my brother and I rode over to her house to check things out. No lights were on, and the house was locked up tight as far as we could tell.

This morning, my grandma called and said that she heard her phone ring, but she was in bed and had been in bed for more than an hour. She said she wasn't gonna try to get up and answer it, but she definitely did not call us last night.

So, can you possibly come up with any reason that we got a phone call from grandma's so late last night? I mean, it sounds to me like someone was in her house...eeeeek!

DK/DC: How late is too late to call you? Does it depend on the day of the week?
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