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Favorite Recipes?

I had dental surgery 2 weeks ago as of yesterday. I was meant to go back yesterday to get my stitches removed. Well, they did remove my stitches but they also ended up doing further surgery and creating many more stitches. I haven't eaten solid food in more than two weeks now and I'm looking at another three before I'm able to eat normally. This is all extra horrible to me because I am a huge foodie and I love to cook. When this is all over I am going to eat anything and everything and I'm looking for new ideas!


Will you please give me your very best/favorite recipe?

ETA: I do not like sweet things. At all. I like some food with my salt, basically... :)

Editing again because I talk for a living so I'm obvs not working right now...

These are two of my favorite fish recipes found recently as they flake/mush quite easily and are so amazing I will add them to "the list":


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