Crumplestiltskin (crumplelush) wrote in thequestionclub,

Fantasy dinner party.

If you could have any five people over for a dinner party, who would you pick and why? As the Doctor has kindly agreed to collect your guests in the TARDIS your guests can be people who are dead now, and who speak a different language to you. The only stipulation is that they must be actual real people that have existed and not fictional characters. Alas, the Doctor can't stay for dinner.

Nikola Tesla - Because the man was a genius and so under-appreciated. I bet he'd be fascinating to talk to.

Grace Kelly - Because she was an amazing woman and I think she'd have some great stories to tell.

Stephen Fry - Because he's both funny and knowledgeable. The perfect dinner guest really.

Kato Shigeaki - Because he's a singer in my favourite band, who also happens to be an actor, author of multiple novels, TV show presenter and a variety of other things. I'd like to know how he manages it all.

Sebastian Stan - Because I love every TV show he's been in and I'm a big Marvel fan, so would have to have Bucky Barnes at my dinner.
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